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Three New Resilience Resources
for Children & Families During COVID-19

The Vincent J. Fontana Center
for Child Protection

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Three New Resilience Resources
for Children & Families During COVID-19


APSAC is pleased to share three new resources for children and families. Machelle Madsen Thompson has been a resilience expert as a children’s individual and group counselor and researcher for more than 25 years including 12 years at Primary Children’s Hospital. During this difficult time, children may not understand what is happening.

APSAC is committed to help with these weekly Resilience Builders. These first three entries are part of an ongoing series; each installment will be posted on the COVID-19 resources page of the APSAC Website.


Resilience for Children & Families:

Resilience for Children & Families:
Protective Factors during Covid-19
Resilience for Children & their Families
Overcoming Fear during Covid-19





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