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We have added these links and resources because we thought they provided valuable information. Inclusion on this site does not represent endorsement. We may not share similar philosophies. It is important for those perusing this material to have lots of information available to them to enable them to make informed decisions.
Comprehensive introduction for those looking for adoption information.
Good things to keep in mind when going through the adoption process.
Adoption Policy Resource Center Adoption Policy Information.
Provides unbiased information and resources for all with an interest in or connection to adoption and foster care,  whether in the family setting or from an academic or professional standpoint.
Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia Parent Support group with information about Romanian Adoptions and how these children fare.
Asia For Kids Books for children about Asia.  A good resource for families with children from China, Vietnam, Korea, India, Cambodia, and other Asian nations.
Asian Connection WebSite Asian Connection of Western New York
Attachment Center of Monterey, CA Craig W. Clark, MA, MFT is a California licensed Marriage, Family Therapist with private practice offices in Capitola and Santa Clara, California. He earned his masters degree in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. He became interested in foster and adoptive populations while an intern with Future Families, where he worked as therapist and case manager serving to support and maintain children and adolescents in therapeutic foster and adoptive homes.
Attachment Disorder Network Of Zebra's & Horses, Nancy Spoolstra's story as an adoptive parent, links, articles, and other information.
Attachment Disorder Support Group Articles, information, and many links to other sites with information about Attachment Disorders.
Bipolar Disorder Articles and resources about bipolar and other mental health issues. 
International Bipolar Foundation
Bipolar Support Forum, Chat, Find Bipolar Specialists.
Centre for Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy UKCP accredited training for people wishing to become attachment-based psychotherapists; advice and support for other organisations wanting to use the attachment principles developed by John Bowlby in their own work - based in UK.
Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation Information about childhood bipolar disorder.
Child Welfare League of America A child advocacy group representing many child serving agencies. 
Comprehensive Parenting Information and Resources The most complete resources and information to help you with parenting. Information on depression, depression symptoms, types and research on natural and herbal remedies
Early Childhood Australia Early Childhood Australia, the peak advocacy organisation for the early years in Australia.
Family Friendly Fun Offering family fun and family health resources to enhance the quality of family life.
Foster Care Issues Information about foster parenting. 
Good Therapy
A site that provides information about psychotherapy and psychotherapists.
Heal the Hearts Foundation This website has a number of links and information about Reactive Attachment Disorder in order to "promote the education and understanding of Reactive Attachment Disorder and to provide support to those parents tasked with the journey of raising children with this special need." (from their mission statement)
Health Nexus The #1 Health Information site
Institute for Attachment and Child Development

An excellent site with many links and lots of useful information about Reactive Attachment Disorder and its treatment.

Interesting Articles This link will take you to our page of articles for parents and professionals
Debbie Jeffrey Resources for people who care about the relationships we have with our children; for people who care for troubled and troubling kids  . . .  and for people who’ve been troubled kids.
Journey to Adoption Offers resources to navigate through an adoption.
Kansas ATTACh ATTACh affiliate offering  meetings twice a month, a Mom's Night Out, and a mentoring program. For 2005, the chapter is focused on trainings.
Kathi's Mental Health Review
A resource for understanding developmental stages in personality development.
The Little Prince

This website is about, "Surviving Life with Reactive Attachment Disorder."  Prepared by a mother who found and secured appropriate treatment for her child, it has first hand info for parents.

Mental Health Matters For information and links about a variety of mental health conditions and disorders.
Military Schools Offering you a wide array of information about military schools, military safety and military knowledge.
Music Therapy and Depression Examines the power of using popular music, something people already listen to, as a way for people to express their feelings. Includes examples of therapeutic messages in popular music as well as original music by Freudian Slip, therapeutic rock band.
National Adoption Center Adoption information and resources. 
No Stigma Resources for mental illness. 
PNPIC Parent Network for the Post Institutionalized Child.  A site listing resources for parents of children adopted from orphanages and other institutional settings.  
RADKID Website by parents with helpful information and links.
Search University Online universities directory by state, name and specialization.
Sensory Integration Disorder Link to a page with several helpful links about Sensory Integration issues, disorder, and treatment.
Smoking and Mental Illness

Link to a page with information about smoking and mental illness.

Special Education Attorney
Jeffrey Marcus, Esq.
Special education lawyers advocating on behalf of children. Parents of children with disabilities oftentimes have disagreements with their school districts regarding the placement, program or services provided by the district.

We provide a variety of services including legal representation, advocacy at CSE meetings, parent workshops and more.
Special Education Law Clinic State University of New York at Buffalo's Special Education Law Clinic.  This site provides information about special education laws in New York State.  In addition, if you are having a problem, a law student in the clinic can assist you.
Tapestry Books A resource for adoption books and related materials.
Therapeutic Child Protection Work
A new era in sharing best practice and dissemination of relevant and
useful information for all professionals who work with children and their families.