attachment disorder treatment.



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Activities to Facilitate Attachment

Touching, rocking, eye contact, movement and physical closeness all will facilitate developmental attachment. Any activity that encourages reciprocity (such as pat-a-cake) and emotional attunement is helpful.


1. Peek-a-boo with hands, blanket, hood of jacket, from behind a door

2. This little piggy went to market with fingers or toes

3. Comb the child’s hair facing each other while commenting on color, texture, shape, and form

4. Washing child’s face, bathing child

5. Lullaby singing. Cradle your child so that eye contact is maintained while you gently rock child and sing. Be sure to put child’s name and descriptions of the child’s features into the song whenever possible.

6. Push that Button. Gently press on the child’s nose, ear, finger, toe, chin, etc. and make a noise such as "honk", "beep", or "toot." Then have child copy your actions.

7. Blow raspberries on child’s arm, leg, belly, cheek.

8. "Pop" cheeks. Fill your mouth with air and gently guide your child’s hands to your cheeks to pop out the air and make a sound. Then do the same to the child.

9. Singing and rhyming couple with movement. Bouncing, dancing, rocking, moving arms or legs, fingers, etc. Simon Says games.

10. Rubbing lotion onto child’s hands, feet, arms, or legs.

11. Playing with clay or shaving cream together to make shapes.

12. Tower of hands: alternate hands and then move bottom hand to top of pile.