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Counseling (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, an attachment-based therapy) for families and adopted children is focused on helping families achieve their potential by developing the skills necessary to resolve problems on a continuing basis. Click here to learn about our therapy options  indicating the effectiveness of this treatment.  

Evaluations for families and departments of social services to determine the proper diagnosis.  To rule in or rule out other conditions such as bipolar disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, sensory-integration disorders, and related conditions. To determine the appropriate treatment plan. Click here to read more about our evaluation process.  See our symptom checklist.

Consultation for professionals and agencies is directed towards training and supervision about adoption and family development, adolescence, and program development.

Workshops, training, and conferences.  See our workshops page for more details.

Infertility Counseling helps couples explore their options and make decisions comfortably.

Birth Parent Counseling is provided to parents considering and adoptive placement or who are wanting to consider all their available options. Supportive counseling for birth parents who have previously placed a child and are considering a meeting is available to help make this difficult decision.

Groups for adopted Youths allow adopted children the opportunity to meet with others in a safe and open environment to share experiences.

Approved Home Studies for couples who are adopting privately or through an agency, interstate and internationally, are provided. Couples needing the MMPI-2 can receive this testing.

Counseling for Adult Adoptees can be supportive during the search process. Counseling to help adoptees address their particular concerns is provided 

Two-week Intensive Treatment Program provides ten days of treatment over two weeks, three hours per day. Families stay at local hotels, with friends, or family. Two therapists and a treatment team provide therapy.  The time in therapy is divided between working with the parents and the child. Referring therapists are encouraged to come with the family and be part of the therapeutic team. Learn more about our two-week intensive treatment program.



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