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There is hope and there is help.  Even very damaged children, adolescents, and adults heal.  The correct parenting, coupled with the right attitude (one of empathy, curiosity, acceptance, playfulness, and love), and therapy heal children.  Effective parenting requires providing significant structure and nurturance.  The structure provides safety and security for the family and child.  The nurturance (empathy, curiosity, acceptance, playfulness, and love) is what heals.  Therapy opens the child, lowers barriers, and allows the child to face the child's trauma so that child can accept love and health.

I hope that you find out Stories of Hope  by parents and children who have successfully completed treatment at The Center For Family Development hopeful and helpful.  

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See Jody's article A Parent's Message which is about her experience raising, loving, and healing a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).  

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For extended focus on the educational needs of a child, a tutoring service might be the best option. Academic Advantage can provide a monitored, professional environment for your children.