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The Vincent J. Fontana Center
for Child Protection Webinar


The mission of The Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection is to prevent child maltreatment and promote the well-being of children in times of crisis through advocacy, professional development, public education, research, and partnering with other like organizations and national leaders.

A nationally-renowned leader in the field of child welfare, The Fontana Center seeks to:

  1. Increase the public’s awareness and sensitivity toward child abuse and neglect
  2. Reduce child maltreatment through the promotion of positive parenting
  3. Impact legislation regarding child maltreatment
  4. Improve practice through research
  5. Train professional staff to help reduce the incidence of child maltreatment

    We invite you to view the following webinar entitled "Adverse Childhood Experiences" by Dr. Vincent J. Felitti one of the original authors of the ACE studies.

    APSAC is pleased to announce that Dr. Felitti will be a keynote speaker at our 27th Colloquium, June 7 11, 2020 in New Orleans. Consider attending the Colloquium, where you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Felitti and experience plenary sessions, workshops, round table discussions and more while enjoying the unique night life of New Orleans! Registration is now open!

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