Our Trip Back to the Maoming Social Welfare Institution
The photos you will see are from an Orphanage in Maoming China, the Maoming Social Welfare Institution. This orphanage is rather well run, with about four caregivers per room of eighteen to twenty infants or toddlers. All of the over one hundred infants and toddlers in the orphanage are matched with adoptive families. In addition, there are a few severely disabled older children in the orphanage. On the grounds of the orphanage is a day-center for the elderly.

Since all the infants and toddlers had been matched, we were not able to take any photographs of the children. The photographs you will see are of the facility, the staff, and the Director, Madam Zhong, meeting our daughter who had been adopted from Maoming several years ago who had returned for a “reunion” trip, sponsored by Our Chinese Daughter’s Foundation.

We visited the orphanage as part of a "reunion" trip when our daughter was about eight years old; nearly twenty years ago. Madam Zhong, the director, remembered our daughter Samantha. When we told Madam Zhong Samantha's Chinese name, which she still has, Madam Zhong said, "Yes, I remember her, she had a large bug bite there" (as she pointed to Samantha's right temple).

We have stayed in touch with the orphanage over the years and made contributions for them to build solar panels to heat water and other things as well as build a Physical Therapy room and fill it with equipment. The reunion trip took us to Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xian, and Moaming. It was a well-run trip and the visit back to the orphanage was a highlight for all the girls.
Our Daughter Being Greeted by 3 Orphanage Staff Members.
Myself, My Wife Susan and our Daughter with the Orphanage Director.
Our Daughter with Orphanage Director
Headshot of  Our Daughter and the Orphanage Director.
Our Daughters with the Director in the Physical Therapy Room.
Our Daughters with the Orphanage Director in the Physical Therapy Room.
Our Daughter with an Orphanage Staff Member.
Our Daughter with an Orphanage Staff Member.
My Wife Susan with the Orphanage Director Next to the Solar Panels.
My Wife Susan and Our Two Daughters.