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Suggested Reading for Parents and Children

The following reading list presents several very helpful books for children.  I often recommend that parents read these books to their child and discuss the story.   We often use these books as part of treatment.    Just click on the title and you will save time and dollars by ordering directly through

  1. Long Journey Home , Richard Delany Ph.D. (age 4+) A well written story about a little boy's journey and his difficulty trusting.   For any age.
  2. Building the Bonds of Attachment, 2nd. Edition, (2006), Daniel Hughes, Ph.D. (age 7+) An excellent story about how a child becomes attachment disordered and then is healed.  Best read to a child.  Teens can also read the commentary. For any age.
  3. Pinocchio ,  A classic story about a boy without a conscience who is healed when he comes to care more about his adoptive father than himself. 
  4. Velveteen Rabbit ,  The story is about what does it mean to be "real" and how does one become "real."
  5. How it Feels to Be Adopted , Jill Kremetz. (age6+)  Nineteen children, ages eight to sixteen, describe their feelings about being adopted.
  6. Families are Different ,  Nina Pellegrini, 1991, (age 4+).  An adopted Korean girl discovers that her classmates have different types of families.  Caucasian parents.
  7. Why Was I Adopted? , Carole Livingston, 1993, (6).  A simple explanation of the facts of adoption, illustrated with cartoon like characters, Caucasian parents and child.
  8. Katie-Bo, An Adoption Story , by Iris Fisher, 1987, (4).  Adoption of a Korean baby girl into an American family as seen through the eyes of her brother-to-be.  Great for older siblings to read.
  9. We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo , by Linda Walvoord Girard, 1989, (8).  The story about a Korean boy’s adoption from his point of view, and the adoption of his baby sister from Brazil.
  10. Allison,  Allen Say, 1997,  (age 5+).  When Allison realizes that she looks more like her favorite doll than like her parents, she comes to terms with this unwelcome discovery with he help of a stray cat.  Caucasian parents, Asian child. 
  11. When You Were Born In China , Sara Dorow, 1997, (2+).  Pictures and story about being adopted from China and about China.
  12. Our Baby From China , Nancy D’Antonio, 1997, (2+).  About the trip to China to adopt.
  13. Steven's Baseball Mitt ,  Kathy Stinson, 1992, (5).  A young person’s feelings and fantasies about being adopted.
  14. Let’s Talk About It: Adoption ,  Fred Rogers, 1994, (2).  For all types of adoption.
  15. Look Who's Adopted ,  Michael Taheri, 1996, (ages 5+).  Written by a local author, this book describes famous persons who were adopted.  Can help normalize being adopted by providing some well known people as role models. 
  16. Somebody Else’s Child ,  Roberta Silman, 1976, (8).  A fourth grader is hurt when an adult friend misunderstands adoptive relationships.
  17. So You’re Adopted ,  Fred Powledge, 1982, (13).  Answers to questions teenagers have about adoption by an adult adoptee.
  18. Vicky ,  Catherine Storr, 1981, (15).  After her adoptive mother dies, sixteen year old Vicky decides to search for information about her biologic parents. 
  19. The Sound of Coaches ,  Leon Garfield, 1974, (15).  Set in 18th. Century England the story describes an adopted boy’s relationship with this adoptive parents, his fantasies about his birthfather, and the effect when he encounters his birthfather by chance.
  20. The Warmest Place of All by Licia Rando & Anne Jewett, Pleasant St. Press, 2009. This is a wonderfully cute book about how warm families are. It is a gentle and non-threatening presentation of loving family life. Good for all ages.





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