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Dear Little Prince


This letter written by Eric (all names and identifying information has been changed) describes his experience as a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder.  The poem that follows was written by his mother 

This is a story about Reactive Attachment Disorder, RAD.  RAD is a problem that is hard to fix.  I should know because I had RAD for eleven years.  I got RAD because my birth mom and dad didn't play with me and care for me.  I had lived there for 4 years. My Dad did things to me that I didn't know until later were bad things.  

Then I went to a foster home.  I spent 3 years there, and then my adoptive parents came for me.  Their names are Mary and John.  I have been here for over four 4 years.  I have learned a lot here.  

My loving parents and Dr. Art helped me.  Therapy has done a lot for me and it all adds up to my loving my parents.   


Take my had and come with me

To a place I know called Honesty,

We'll pass the pain, go through shame...

Arriving where there is no blame.

On the river and there we'll find...

The truth you need to free your soul.

Immerse your would in the River Trust.

Cleanse yourself of the lies you must...

To be set free from the shame you hold.

From years of abuse that's left you cold.

Inflicted by adults uncaring.

The truth is told by the scars you're wearing.

Come to the haven across the clearing...

Journey's end you will be nearing.

For God is there and I am too...

Waiting to hold and comfort you.

The truth shall set you free, my child.

Let down your guard and talk awhile.

Empty your heart, let the poison out.

Fill it with love and trust throughout.

Your heart will beat just like before.

As a child of God...a victim no more.