attachment disorder treatment.



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David is now 15.  He was adopted when he was 12 after over ten placements, including three disrupted adoptions.  David was a very superficial, flat, sneaky, and apparently devoid of all feeling for people.  David was very passive-aggressive, had no friends, and got into many fights.  David lived with his birthparents for his first five years.  David was physically abused and neglected.  His adoptive parents brought David into therapy at age 13 after an incident in which he saw his adoptive brother fall into a pit and did not tell his parents that his brother had hurt himself and was stuck.  His parents had lots of experience as foster parents and his Mom, Mary, said, "I knew something was wrong and that is was more than adjusting to a new home...we needed help."  David was in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, an attachment-based therapy for eleven months.


David's Mom recently sent me this e-mail:   

Hi, Dr. Art...

Just a mommy proud moment that I must brag about!!!!

Picked David up from his 10 day camping at XXXX and they couldn't say enough about how wonderful he was.  He as the only kid out of 13 in the cabin that listened, was respectful and did his chores.  They want him back next year to help be a junior counselor.

Well, as if my head couldn't swim anymore with pride....they just called and asked if he can come THIS SUNDAY to help them for a week with the next set of campers.

I must tell you, David is VERY proud of himself and SO AM I! :):):)

Just wanted to let you are a BIG part of who he is becoming.

Chat soon, Mary